ARTICLES - 5 promotional videos for Moravian-Silesian region and European Union project Erasmus+ - ALLSTARS music video for Czech music TV channel OCKO (singers: Petr Janda, Petra Janů, Kuba Ryba, Pavel Callta, Voxel, Sebastian, Pepa Bolan, Pekař, Vojta D, Jakub Děkan, Martin Harich, Milan Peroutka, Anna Julie Slováčková, Marek Lambora, Nebe) - "Náš úkol s kameramanem Martinem Švecem byl videoklipem podpořit Petrovu upřímnou zpověď",

rating 9/10 - NEBE "ROBINSON" music video, rating 8/10 - SELFMADE "FRIENDZONE" music video - DJ LOWA "HAPPY" music video

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